Our goal at Pantry Barn is to provide locally grown, tasty whole foods made with the simplest ingredients possible to enrich you and your family.  We specialize in GMO-free raw grains and nuts, freshly-milled flour, whole wheat muffin and brownie mixes, and granola!  We believe that whole natural foods promote a higher quality of life, and we are delighted to share these with you.

Our family has lived in the Willamette Valley for four generations and, along with a few other sustainable farms, we are able to provide locally grown grains and flour to our community.

Pantry Barn’s growing operation reaches from southern Washington to northern California (but we will ship anywhere!).  Our grain-producing community is in the heart of open and lustrous green fields, and derives much of its livelihood from the harvests produced by sweat, vigor and the whirring of busy hands and tractors.

 Be sure to check out our recipes for delicious and healthy ideas of how to use Pantry Barn flour and grains, and follow us on facebook for updates!

We’re sure that you’ll be delighted with the quality of Pantry Barn products and can feel good knowing you are directly supporting your local farmers!